Bee Pollen For Weight Loss - Do You Need Zi Xiu Tang Weight Loss Pills?

One of the latest revolutions to hit the weight loss industry goes by the name of Zi Xiu Tang and perhaps you have heard of it. If not, then get ready for an introduction. Zi Xiu Tang is a Chinese weight loss pill that uses a combination of all natural herbs based on ancient Eastern medicine to stimulate weight loss. You may have heard of some of these ingredients before - bee pollen, wolfberry, Chinese yam, barberry, lotus seed, and fiber - or you may have even taken some of these supplements in isolation of each other, but Zi Xiu Tang purports to accelerate your weight loss through its combination of ingredients. One of the main active ingredients is bee pollen. Can you get the benefits of bee pollen for weight loss without Zi Xiu Tang?

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Zi Xiu Tang is often shortened as ZXTBP - or Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen - so can you skip the pills and head straight to your local health food store to get your hands on its active ingredient, and more importantly, will it work alone to help you lose weight? Bee pollen itself is full of high concentrations of B vitamin complex, Vitamins A, C, D, and E. You can find these vitamins in a good multivitamin without the additional protein found in bee pollen. And if you're allergic to bee pollen, of course it is not a good idea to ingest it.

As far as weight loss goes, bee pollen is said to help correct an internal chemical imbalance that many overweight people tend to have. Bee pollen is also a natural source of lechitin, which helps removed stored body fat and speed up the metabolism. Not only that, but some other well-known benefits of bee pollen are a natural surge of energy and reduced food cravings. If you have high cholesterol, bee pollen may help lower your levels and finally get you off of your doctor prescribed medication. And its detoxifying properties gives your body an internal cleanse.

These benefits may sound like something of a dream come true to you if you're looking to drop excess pounds. And you may be tempted to cut out the middle man by heading straight to the source - directly using bee pollen for weight loss. While you can go this route, taking an all-natural herbal supplement like Zi Xiu Tang means that you get the synergistic effect of a variety of a natural herbs used in Eastern medicine.

Zi Xiu Tang Benefits
Zi Xiu Tang not only has weight loss benefits, but they don't call them the "Beauty, Face, and Figure Capsule" for nothing. Many users experience a variety of side benefits including clearer and more even skin complexion. Some have even experienced relief from chronic dry scalp and hair and increased hair growth! The reason why this is experienced has everything to do with increased intake of proper amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. So not only can you expect to quickly drop pounds, but expect an overall improvement in physical appearance due to the detoxing effects of this weight loss supplement.

To answer the original question of whether you need Zi Xiu Tang to get the benefits of bee pollen for weight loss, consider that these detox pills are much more than just this one ingredient. It is the combination of ingredients that produce results that have people buzzing, such as being able to lose up to 10% of excess body weight in 30 days without altering your diet or starting an exercise program. When beginning a Zi Xiu Tang regimen, you want to simply drink lots of water without altering your eating or workout routine to see how your body responds to these detoxification pills, then slowly phase in a clean eating diet and daily exercise to promote cardiovascular health and accelerated fat loss.

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