After Pregnancy Weight Loss - 4 After Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Are you a new mom wishing to return to your pre-pregnancy shape and weight? Be cautious while starting any diet or exercise regimen for after pregnancy weight loss. Weight gain during pregnancy is nature's way of coping with new life. Eating for two is not a joke but is the reason that you have put on all that extra mass. To provide nutrition to the baby in your womb, your body tries to absorb as much as nutrients possible. The weight gain during pregnancy is not a bad thing to happen. Forget about the celebrity moms and their after pregnancy weight loss programs. That is all for people with loads of money and plenty of free time on their hands.

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After pregnancy weight loss and breast-feeding

Breast-feeding is a natural way to lose weight after pregnancy. You burn up to 500 calories a day while breastfeeding the baby. Breast milk is highly essential and beneficial to your baby's growth and development. Breast milk contains antibodies and anti-infective agents that help your baby's immune system. A mother can breast feed her baby up to 6 months or more. The extra weight you have put on during pregnancy will burn off in the first 6 months after pregnancy if you regularly breast feed your baby.

After pregnancy weight loss and dieting

Restrictive dieting is not at all recommended for women with a new infant. You need a nutritious diet for your body to cope with childbirth strain and to produce enough breast milk to feed the baby. Instead of a restrictive dieting, go for selective dieting. Eat foods high in proteins, minerals and vitamins. A sure way to do that is to include considerable quantity of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Go easy on processed food items like canned meat or fish.

Exercises for weight loss after pregnancy

Do not start on vigorous or strenuous exercises for weight loss. Your body gained weight during pregnancy for a reason. Trying to burn off that weight too soon could be damaging to your health. You may do light exercises and that too only with your physician's or gynecologist's approval. Do not worry, coping with your infant is going to be exhaustive enough and you will start craving for rest. You will need all your energy to cope with your baby's exacting routine and constant demand for attention.

After pregnancy weight loss for working moms

Do not feel ashamed of the weight you gained during your pregnancy. The after glow of childbirth is actually a sight to behold. Flaunt it! If you do look tired and weary, understand that it may not be because you are overweight, but from trying to cope to your baby's demands such as night feeds, and the unending diaper changes. If you are a working mom and desire after pregnancy weight loss, do it only under a professional health care provider's close supervision. Planning your own vigorous exercise program without professional supervision can be quite damaging to your health.

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