The #1 Most Misleading Phrases on Nearly Every Diet, Weight Loss Product, and Program

As we all know, the weight loss industry is huge, and we are bombarded with diets and advertisement day after day. It seems you can't go anywhere without seeing or hearing some type of weight loss promise for fast, easy weight loss either in the form of a pill or program.

Think about it? We have diet after diet on cable television, infomercials, radio, magazines, newspapers, supermarket tabloids, direct mail, bill boards, and commercial e-mail and the Internet. They all have the same message; they have the ultimate weight loss product that works quickly and effortlessly. Its unfortunate but most people will believe almost anything that is printed in a "reputable" national circulated periodical. That is why magazines are perfect for promoting diets and supplements.

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You may not be consciously aware that on average, the human body is composed of 70% water. It is not difficult to lose water retention throughout the day or overnight. Looking at it like this, you can lose weight while you sleep.

So, what are the most misleading phrases? Yes, the #1 most misleading phrases on nearly every diet, weight loss product, or program are the words "Weight Loss" Why? We all confuse it with FAT LOSS.

The #2 most misleading phrase is "Lose Weight" Why? Again, it is not specifically talking about losing can be confused with losing "water retention" which in a sense can be considered WEIGHT. Looking at it like this? You can lose 2 inches from your stomach in two days. Then again, you can also lose weight by cutting your hair. Tricky.

These types of misleading phrases are nothing more than deceptive tactics from the weight loss and advertising industries. Why? Because they are in the business of making money. The real problem is that many so-called diet pills and programs actually put us all at risk for very real health problems.

As people learn how these misleading these phrases can be, hopefully they will have more of a realistic approach in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight. Maybe, fewer will be less likely to waste their money, time, and effort on dangerous fad diets.

If you are SERIOUS about Losing Weight, the next time you see the word "weight loss" or "lose weight" on a product or service, ask yourself? Is it really referring to "fat loss"? Will I keep the weight off? Is it safe?

Before starting your next diet program you should carefully scrutinize it and ask questions about the ingredients, amounts, side effects, and promises. Ask yourself? Are they really trying to help me? My life? My health? Do they know how I feel? Or are they trying to help themselves to my hard earned money? Will I need to come back next year for another "revolutionary" weight loss product?

I hope that I have helped you in some small way, to guide you on the right path to slimming down for life. Take it from someone that has been there. It took me years and thousands of dollars before I found a safe product that along with a healthier life style, took the fat off.

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