Weight Loss Problems? Here Are 5 Simple Steps to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

If you're looking to break through a weight loss plateau, I understand how frustrated you may feel at this point. Fact is, most people that are looking to lose weight, end up hitting a plateau pretty quickly in their weight loss journey and end up giving up way too soon.

What I'm going to cover is how exactly you can make sure that you never hit a weight loss plateau, but if you do here are five good ways to overcome it:

1.Change Your Routine Up: I highly recommend that you continuously change up your exercise routine. (If you're not currently using an exercise to help with your weight loss, then this is step number one to overcoming a weight loss plateau.) By changing up your routine, your body will not have the chance to adjust and become resistant to the actual exercise you'll be doing. This is known as "muscle confusion" and will keep your body at a maximum fat burn capacity. I'd recommend changing things up every 3 weeks or so.

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2.Add Strength Training: If your serious about overcoming a weight loss plateau, it would be extremely helpful if you use strength or weight training in your routine. By doing this you'll build lean muscle mass which in turn will burn more calories when your body is in a resting state.

3.Change Your Diet Routine: Maybe you're eating very healthy, but after a while your body will become used to the same old pattern. One good way to trick it is to change up exactly how much food you may be eating. For example one day you may take in 2,000 calories, and the next you'd take in 1,700. That may not seem like a big deal, but it will keep your body from becoming used to any set pattern.

4.Change What You're Eating: What I mean is if you're eating a lot of one particular type of food, such as a lot of carbohydrates, try to change it up a little bit. Instead of eating a bagel in the morning, eat something that is higher in protein instead like egg whites or turkey sausage. Instead of having a Nutrigrain bar for a snack during the day, have a handful of nuts. Change is good when it comes to weight loss.

5.Change How Often You Eat: When it comes to weight loss plateaus, you can bust right through it by changing up the frequency in which you eat your meals. If you're eating 3 meals a day, change it up to eat more often, but less calories with each meal. Another good way to go would be to add healthy snacks in between your major meals. This will keep your metabolism burning at optimal efficiency.

Well there you have it. Busting through a weight loss plateau is very easy to do if you follow these simple steps. Just remember that slow and steady wins the race, so try not to be in a hurry. The weight come on overnight, and it's not going to come off overnight as well.

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