Weight Loss - The Truth About Losing Weight

Let us be candid about weight loss! In regards to making decisions to lose weight, the psychology involves is just the same as when thinking about changing any form of unhealthy habits for healthy ones. Making a transition from years of sedentary or carefree lifestyle, to one which requires a certain degree of discipline is quite a challenge for many people. However, this can be accomplished with a certain level of motivation and support.

Motivation Is the Key

When it comes to losing weight, motivation is really the key factor that will determines whether a person fails or succeeds in achieving their weight control goals. Although motivation is an inner drive, external factors can have an impact on that inner desire to lose weight. In other words, external factors can act as catalyst or triggers for those inner desire, prompting an individual to take the necessary actions needed to accomplish their goals. For example, after observing friends, family members, co-workers or others successfully losing weight, or after realizing that people around them are starting to look great and are now getting all the complements and attention. They might have even witness others battling with weight related illnesses and so on. All the above may act as triggers that can prompt them to take necessary actions needed to lose weight fast. These people are said to have an inner control that are further reinforced by external factors.

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Contrarily, there are those who are lacking that internal desire/control or drive. They believe they have no control over their weight. For these individuals, external factors do not act as trigger for them to take action to lose weight, because they have no internal desire to get rid of any excess body fat. These people will sometimes argue that they were born to be overweight, and that their state of being overweight or morbidly obese is primarily due to genetics, or they may sometimes blame it on other factors. They see themselves as being quite okay with the excess body fat. They believe it is impossible for them to lose weight; therefore, it does not make sense initiating any form of weight control. People with internal control find it much easier initiating different forms of weight control and adhering to weight loss programs, than these who believe they have no control over their weight or lives in general.

Weight Loss Support

When it comes to people who are lacking internal control, usually these individuals require weight loss support and education in order for them to at least take the initiative to participate in any diet and weight loss program. Without the proper education, they will not be able to see the reason it is important for them to lose weight. These people need to be educated about the physical, psychological, or the overall health benefits that can be achieved from healthy weight loss. In addition, they need to be provided with the confidence they are lacking. Because they are lacking knowledge, they see themselves having no reason to set any goals, and since they have no goals set, why do you think they are going to be motivated? Remember you can only be motivated when you have goals. These people need to join a weight loss center or a weight loss support program. This is the only way they are going to experience any form of weight loss success.

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