Beat That Weight Loss Plateau

After experiencing consistent dieting success, it is not uncommon to witness a plateau or struggle to lose those remaining 10 pounds. After all, you haven't looked this confident or looked this happy in a long time. But what triggers this? Why is it that we always find struggle to get rid of those last few lbs and achieve our weight loss goals?

It can be many factors really, but the most common are the following:

1. You made a mistake and didn't jump back on the horse

It is only understandable to slip up with your diet, but you shouldn't let this one slip up persuade you to eat badly for the rest of the day. It is still possible to move forward and get your weight loss regime back on track.

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One slip up won't make a difference to your weight loss plan, but the more regularly you eat badly, the more likely you'll put weight back on. If this fits you, sit down and remind yourself of all the weight loss you have experienced to date. With this re-motivation you'll find it simpler to restart your weight loss plan.

2. Your portion sizes have gradually increased

Often this is so subtle that you don't even recognize that you are consuming an extra scoop of mash potatoes or your 4 ounce pork has grown to 6. To ensure you are not eating too many calories, begin taking note of your calorie consumption and weighing your portion quantities. You might discover this is all you required to jump start your weight loss.

3. You are allowing too many 'additional' puddings pass under the into your weight loss plan

An extra portion here or ingesting a few spoonfuls off children's meals there, all add up to additional calories that you don't require.

Please Note: the more weight you lose, the fewer calories your body will need to function. This means as you continue shedding lbs, you will have a smaller calorie leeway between the extra calories you eat. If you are finding it hard to keep track of your nutrients, attempt to keep a food journal and monitor everything you eat and their calorie size. You'll soon be able to identify what is making you go wrong.

4. You treat the weekend as your days off

Although you should never deny yourself a treat during your weight loss plan, neither should you view the weekend as a time to take a break. At this point in your diet, it is vital to remain constant and ensure that you are not indulging in more wine or consuming bigger meals. Although the extra pounds you put on during these days off are often only water weight, this additional weight can gradually creep up.

To stop this, design a weekend eating regime to help you stay on track and harness a calorie journal to monitor your meals.

5. You are less motivated

It is only understandable after losing heaps of excess weight that you are less motivated towards losing those remaining few lbs. Healthier, fitter and a clothes size smaller, it is easy to become less dedicated towards getting in shape. However such an attitude can harm you if you are not careful.

To help reignite your weight loss plan, try attempting to establish more accessible short term targets of a couple of lbs every 2 weeks. These will help you to stay focused and interested in losing weight.

6. You've encountered a plateau

Even if you are eating less and are exercising more often, if you don't change these as you shed that excess body fat, ultimately you will hit a plateau. The key to reigniting your weight loss plan is to not modify your meal plan, but to intensify your workout. Try to challenge your body more by making your cardio programs more difficult or introducing strength training into your exercises. These will get your arms working and the lbs dropping.

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