Why You Should Consider Vegan Weight Loss

A vegan diet consists of vegetables, nuts, fruits and some whole grains. It means you avoid meat that can be replaced with beans which will meet your body's protein requirements. You will also avoid refined flour products like white bread and pasta which contain way too many bad carbohydrates that defeat the purpose of losing weight. A vegan weight loss plan is easier to follow than other weight loss plans and there are many benefits with a vegan diet.

Since cholesterol is the enemy, a vegan diet plan is perfect for anyone wanting to lose weight and get healthy. This is because vegan weight loss diets are completely void of any cholesterol. Dairy products, meat and eggs contain a lot of cholesterol and these are not part of a vegan weight loss plan. You can replace dairy with soy, almond or rice milk which is really quite tasty and healthy. The absence of cholesterol is only one of the healthy components in a vegan diet. This kind of weight loss program is loaded with healthy fiber which promotes faster and healthier weight loss. High amounts of healthy fiber are contained in vegetables, fruits, legumes (beans) and whole grains.

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What are some of the advantages of vegan weight loss?
• Larger portions - You are able to eat larger portions per sitting due to the low calorie count.
• Feeling full longer - You will feel full and feel satisfied much longer due to the high concentration of fiber which means you will never feel hungry.
• Healthier - It is better for people with health issues like digestive problems, heart disease and even diabetes.

Some things to consider when you decide to use a vegan weight loss plan:
• Diet Buddy - Find a local dieters' support group or at least someone to go on your diet plan with you so you have others to lean on in weak moments.
• Take Your Time - Don't put yourself in a situation where you have to eat fast because eating more slowly helps you realize you are full faster which results in feeling fuller.
• Avoid Junk Food- Leave those chips and sweets alone. The occasional piece of birthday cake is okay, but make sure it's a small piece.
• Walk - Take a daily 30 minute walk to make sure you get your exercise. Walking is the best way to lose belly fat.
• Keep a Journal - It helps to keep a journal of your goals, experiences, foods and feelings. Getting things off your chest by writing it down is very therapeutic and it can help you get through a rough patch. You can also share your journal with others facing the same challenges you have to help them.

There is nothing negative about vegan weight loss that has been reported. It is simply a healthier way to eat that also helps you lose weight. Try not to think of it as a "diet". Instead think of it as changing your eating habits in an effort to be healthier.

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